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Generalist's Journey: an experience as a multidisciplinary professional

Specialist professional? Multidisciplinary? Generalist with specialty? Amid the whirlwind of discoveries and realizations that characterize our journeys, I found myself in a personal and professional dilemma. Like many, I grew up valuing specialization, believing that the path to the future was to pursue a single passion with unwavering determination. But what do you do when your heart beats to the rhythm of multiple passions, each pulling in a different direction?

Since early, music and experimental art shaped my worldview. They were always there, vibrant and alive, but kept aside from my “professional self”, as if they belonged to another life. I graduated as an Audiovisual Producer, before going through Musical Education, I entered the market working on the processes of creating experimental and institutional audiovisual pieces.

Everything changed with the opportunity to coordinate the marketing team at a technology company. As soon as my career developed in another sphere, dominated even more by the commercial mentality – a challenge that was worth facing, but which distanced me from other passions. Or so I thought.

Over time, however, this division began to feel artificial, a barrier I had constructed myself. Why not unite these worlds? Why not explore the synergies between my passion for music and my career in digital marketing? These questions lit a fire of curiosity and determination.

kosmos - experimental art - guilherme godoy
Guilherme Godoy – KOSMOS
Guilherme Godoy PSYCHE, generalista
Guilherme Godoy – Psyche's Awakening (Promo)

Indecisive or multidisciplinary professional?

Music, with its rhythmic and emotional complexity, began to infiltrate my work in ways I had never imagined. In the sound design of my video projects, I found a direct application for my musical sensibilities. The nuances of a well-selected soundtrack, the ability to evoke emotions and build atmospheres, have become powerful tools in my professional arsenal. Suddenly, music was no longer a distant hobby; it was an integral part of my “professional self”, a bridge between the artistic and the commercial.

Experimental art, in turn, expanded my understanding of art as a form of expression and redefined my approach to marketing. The ability to experiment, to embrace the uncertain and explore new forms of communication, has become a driving force in my search for innovation in marketing. She equipped me with an open mindset, ready to innovate and transform marketing into a richer, more engaging, and deeply human experience.

The integration did not stop there. Artificial intelligence, this marvel of modernity, emerged as the missing link, a way to unite all my aspects. With AI, I discovered ways to optimize my work and explore new creative frontiers while maintaining high quality and technical-conceptual depth. Technology, far from being a threat to my multifaceted passion, has become its greatest ally.

One Generalist recognizes the other

A close friend faced a similar dilemma. Bright and talented, she felt lost in a professional world that seemed to neither recognize nor value her versatility and potential. By sharing my journey, I showed him that there was no problem with his plurality of interests – that the world is complex and constantly changing, and we are part of it. Together, we explored how her diverse skills could complement each other, how each passion could enrich the others, transforming her into a unique, invaluable professional.

This journey of self-discovery was not just about reconciling different aspects of a “self”. For me, it was about finally understanding what it means to be a professional in the 21st century. In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the ability to move between different areas, to integrate diverse knowledge and skills, becomes more than valuable, it is essential.

love in disguise - guilherme godoy - profissional multidisciplinar
Guilherme Godoy – Love In Disguise

For all those who, like me and this friend of mine, see themselves as generalists or multidisciplinary people, know that there is a place for you in this fluid and constantly changing world. Your multiple passions, far from being a burden, are a gift. They offer a unique vision, a capacity for innovation and adaptation that is rare and precious. So embrace your multifaceted nature. Let it guide your journey, illuminating unexplored paths, connecting worlds. Because, in the end, it is at the junction of these worlds that we find our true strength, our true calling. And it is there that, together, we can build a future full of possibilities, a future where we all belong.