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Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

Country music is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and beloved musical genres in Brazil. With her lyrics that talk about love, suffering, joys and challenges of life in the countryside and in the city, she won hearts from the north to the south of the country. But how did it all start? And what are the new aspects that have emerged? Let's embark on this journey through the country universe!

Origins and Evolution

Country music, with its unmistakable melodies and emotionally charged lyrics, is a vibrant reflection of Brazil's rich cultural tapestry. Born in the vast rural landscapes and warm interior communities, this musical aspect began as a simple but profound song that narrated the stories, hopes and challenges of rural workers.

Imagine the first singers, under the starry sky of the backlands, singing songs that spoke of lost love, longing and the harsh reality of life in the countryside. These tunes, which began to be recorded in the 1920s, were more than just songs; They were chronicles of Brazilian life, painting a vivid portrait of a nation in transformation.

As the decades passed, the country began to metamorphose, just like Brazil itself. The urbanization of the country has not only altered the physical landscape, but also profoundly influenced the soundscape of country music. Cities brought new rhythms, new stories and new aspirations. The country music, always adaptable, absorbed these changes, incorporating elements from other musical genres and expanding its thematic range.. The lyrics began to talk not only about life in the countryside, but also about urban loves, nights out in clubs and the challenges of life in the city.

This process of evolution has made country music a truly dynamic and multifaceted musical genre, capable of resonating in hearts both in rural areas and in urban centers. And so, what began as the song from the heart of rural Brazil became the soundtrack of an entire nation, celebrating its diversity, history and passion.

Genres and Subgenres

tonico and tinoco root country music, root country music
Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

Sertanejo Root

When we talk about country roots, we are talking about the deep roots of the Brazilian soul. This is the most traditional and, in some ways, the most authentic style of the genre. Imagine sitting on a farmhouse porch, looking out at the vast horizon as the strains of a country guitar gently echo through the air. This is the perfect setting for country music, a musical expression that celebrates country life, the simplicity of human relationships and the universal emotions that we all share.

Big names like Tonico and Tinoco, Inezita Barroso and Sérgio Reis are true icons of this subgenre. Their voices resonate like stories told by generations, transmitting traditions and values that remain deeply rooted in Brazilian culture. The lyrics, often composed in simple poetry, portray country life in a raw and honest way. They talk about simple love, missing loved ones, the joys and sadness of a life dedicated to working the land.

And the viola caipira, this string instrument that is the soul of the country folk, is like an extension of the artist's heart. His notes bring out a sense of nostalgia and comfort, transporting us to a time when life was slower and relationships were deeper. The simplicity of the caipira viola is perfect harmony with the lyrics that speak of essential human experiences.

Roots country music is more than a musical genre; it is a portal to the traditions that shaped rural Brazil. When we listen to these songs, we are taken to a place where life is simpler, love is purer and the connection with the earth is unbreakable. It is a journey into the essence of Brazilian culture, a reminder that, no matter how much our society evolves, our roots remain firmly planted in the land that saw us born. That's why the country roots are eternal, and their icons will continue to echo through generations, celebrating the simplicity and beauty of rural life in Brazil.

leandro and leonardo from romantic country music, in country music
Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

Romantic Countryside

In the 1980s, Brazil witnessed the emergence of a style that would touch the hearts of millions: romantic country music. This was a time of social and cultural transformation, and country music evolved to meet the new demands and sensibilities of the Brazilian public. The romantic country music brought a more modern and commercial approach, which quickly won over a legion of passionate fans.

What differentiates this aspect is the emphasis on passionate ballads and striking vocal duets. The artists stood out for their emotional voices, capable of transmitting the depth of human feelings. Names like Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, Leandro & Leonardo and Chitãozinho & Xororó became undisputed references of the genre, with hits that not only dominated the charts, but also became eternal classics of Brazilian music.

Romantic country songs often tell intense and real love stories, becoming the perfect soundtrack for moments of passion and longing. These songs have become anthems for couples across the country, being sung at serenades, wedding parties and romantic dates. The emotional connection that romantic country music creates with its audience is incomparable, making it one of the most beloved and enduring aspects of Brazilian music.

With his unique ability to capture the essence of love and longing, the romantic sertanejo continues to be a living force in Brazilian music. Its passionate lyrics and captivating melodies guarantee that this genre will continue to rock the hearts of Brazilians for generations, reminding us of the beauty of love in all its forms and intensities. It is a musical tradition that transcends time and touches the soul, proving that, when it comes to love, there are no musical borders that can contain it.

You don't have to look far to find traces of the countryman's influence in every aspect of Brazilian daily life. Whether in the welcoming atmosphere of June festivals in small towns or on the stages of major music festivals in the country, country music is a constant presence that unites generations and celebrates the essence of Brazil. Its ability to connect people of different backgrounds and ages is a testament to its universality and emotional power.

Luan Santana university countryman and electronic countryman

University Sertanejo

In the 2000s, a musical wave swept Brazil, conquering young and fervent hearts. This was the rise of university country music, an aspect that brought a fresh and modern energy to the genre. With its roots in universities and a younger vibe, this musical trend quickly gained prominence, winning over both young audiences and lovers of traditional country music.

What defines university country music is its ability to mix the traditional with the contemporary. Young and talented artists, such as Jorge & Mateus, Michel Teló and Fernando & Sorocaba, led the movement, bringing with them influences from other musical genres, such as pop and rock. His songs have a universal appeal, with lyrics that reflect not only urban and university life, but also the experiences and challenges of Brazilian youth.

The university country music became the perfect soundtrack for parties and clubs across the country. His infectious beats and catchy lyrics conquered the dance floor, becoming an integral part of college party culture and social events. This aspect not only revitalized country music, but also made it one of the most popular and influential genres in Brazil, showing that music has the power to unite generations and transcend geographical and cultural barriers.

ana castela agrojo in country music


Feminejo is a musical revolution that brought female voices to the center of the country stage. Artists like Marília Mendonça, Maiara e Maraisa, Naiara Azevedo and Simone & Simaria have not only left a mark on the genre, but are also redefining narratives and expectations in country music. Her lyrics, often deep and emotional, cover a range of themes, from female empowerment to relationships and heartbreak, offering a unique and powerful perspective on the genre.

These singers have captured the hearts of millions with their captivating music and have become role models, inspiring young artists and fans with their determination and authenticity.

Feminejo is more than just a musical aspect; is a cultural movement that is challenging stereotypes and strengthening female voices in the country music industry and beyond. These women are making history and breaking new ground, proving that country music is for everyone and that female voices are an essential part of this vibrant musical universe.

Feminejo: Women in Country Music
Feminejo: Women in Country Music
Discover how Feminejo is redefining the boundaries of country music, giving women a voice and power in the Brazilian music scene.
By Guilherme Godoy


A mix of country music with themes focused on agribusiness, celebrating life in the countryside and the importance of the agricultural sector for Brazil. Artists such as Munhoz & Mariano and João Carreiro & Capataz brought this theme to their music, reflecting the importance of agribusiness in the Brazilian economy and its influence on popular culture.

New Aspects and Trends

João Neto and Frederico in the Sertanejo
Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

Electronic Sertanejo

With the popularization of electronic music, many country music artists began to incorporate electronic beats into their songs. This fusion brought a more danceable and modern sound to the genre, attracting a young and diverse audience. Artists like Luan Santana and Gusttavo Lima are examples of this trend, mixing elements of EDM with country music.

Raw Countryside

Represented by artists such as Bruno e Barretto and João Neto e Frederico, this subgenre is characterized by a more rustic feel. With lyrics that exalt country life, traditional rural values and country culture, raw country music is a response to the modernization of the genre, seeking to rescue its roots.

The Expansion of Sertanejo Around the World

Country music, originally rooted in the rural landscapes of Brazil, found wings to fly beyond national borders. In recent decades, the country singer has crossed oceans and borders, winning hearts in countries as far away as the United States, Portugal, Japan and many others. The countryman's journey around the world is indisputable proof of his universal appeal.

This global expansion is no coincidence. Country songs are more than just music; they are stories of love, longing and overcoming that resonate deeply with universal human emotions. Regardless of the language you speak or the culture you belong to, the emotive lyrics and captivating melodies of country music have the power to touch the soul. Thus, music becomes a universal language, capable of connecting people from different backgrounds and experiences through shared emotions.

Country artists have been cultural ambassadors, undertaking international tours that not only entertain, but also educate the world about the richness of Brazilian culture. They carry with them the traditions, passion and authenticity that make country music so special, leaving a lasting impression wherever they perform.. In this sense, country music becomes an ambassador of Brazilian identity, showing that, despite cultural differences, we all share the same deep emotions that country music so skillfully expresses.

The expansion of country music around the world is an inspiring story of how music can unite people across geographical and cultural borders. It's a reminder that regardless of where we live or what languages we speak, human emotions are universal and can be expressed and shared through music. Country music continues to move and enchant people around the world, serving as a musical bridge that connects hearts and minds, regardless of where they are.

country music around the world
Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

The Influence of Country Music on Brazilian Culture

Furthermore, country music transcends the musical sphere and spreads to other forms of entertainment. Television programs, films and soap operas frequently incorporate country music into their soundtracks, further solidifying its presence in the Brazilian popular imagination.

Country music is not just a sound we hear; it is a living part of our culture that echoes in our daily lives, reaffirming our connection to the roots and soul of Brazil. It reminds us that, regardless of where we are or where we come from, we all have a country song in our hearts, connecting us to the rich web of Brazilian culture.

Country Music and New Technologies

With the advent of digital platforms, country music embarked on a journey of transformation that took it to new levels of visibility and reach. Platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and YouTube have opened the doors for country artists to share their creations with a global audience, transcending geographic and cultural barriers. This digital revolution has not only modernized the way we consume music, but also allowed country music to adapt and thrive in the digital age.

One of the most notable ways in which country people embraced the digital era was through “lives”. Pioneering country artists, such as Jorge & Mateus and Marília Mendonça, performed live online, connecting directly with their fans in real time. These live streams not only provided an intimate and authentic experience, but also proved to be a powerful tool for maintaining emotional bonds with audiences, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, music videos have become a vital platform for artistic expression and visual storytelling in country music. Artists invest in high-quality productions, telling engaging stories that complement their music and broaden its appeal. And personalized playlists, created by artists and streaming platforms, have allowed fans to discover new country music and explore different aspects of the genre, promoting a richer and more diverse musical experience.

maiara and maraisa, marília mendonça
Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

The Social Impact of Country Music

Country music, in addition to delighting our ears, has the power to touch our hearts in a deeply impactful way. Many country artists not only dedicate their careers to music, but also use their influence and resources for noble social causes. This union between music and philanthropy demonstrates the country world’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of many people.

Country artists often become involved in social projects that cover a variety of causes, from improving hospitals and schools to fighting hunger and poverty. This dedication to social responsibility not only reflects the intrinsic values of country culture, but also demonstrates the positive impact that music can have on society. Through their actions, these artists become inspiring role models for fans and admirers, showing that music can be a powerful force for good.

Furthermore, charity festivals and solidarity shows organized by country artists are occasions in which the country community comes together in support of social causes. These events not only raise funds for important initiatives, but also demonstrate the unity and solidarity that permeates the country world. They are a reminder that country music is not just an artistic expression, but also a vehicle for change and hope, showing that music can transcend entertainment and become a driving force for a better world.

future of country music
Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

The Future of Country Music

Just like life itself, country music is a constantly evolving journey. With the emergence of new talents, influences from other musical genres and changes in society, it is difficult to predict exactly what course country music will take in the future. However, one thing is certain: the genre will continue to be an authentic reflection of the Brazilian soul, adapting to cultural transformations and always remaining relevant in the music scene.

The future of country music can be characterized by experimentation and diversification. New artists are emerging, bringing a variety of musical influences to the genre, resulting in creative fusions that challenge the boundaries of traditional country music. Country music has become a fertile field for innovation, where tradition meets modernity, creating a unique and captivating soundscape.

Furthermore, country music will continue to be a powerful vehicle for telling stories and conveying emotions. As Brazilian society evolves, country people will follow these changes, reflecting the complexities and joys of contemporary life. It will remain a soundtrack for loves found and lost, for moments of longing and celebration.

chitãozinho and xororó country music grammy
Brazilian Country Music Guide: from Tradition to Trends

Highlights and Recognition

Country music festivals, such as “Festeja” and “Villa Mix”, are beacons of light on the Brazilian music scene, attracting crowds of passionate fans and serving as showcases for new talent. These events are not just concerts; are vibrant celebrations of country music, where established artists and emerging artists come together to deliver unforgettable performances. They represent the pulsating soul of country music, where tradition meets innovation, and where music continues to evolve.

Furthermore, country music has gained its prominent place on the international scene, with awards such as the Latin Grammy recognizing the excellence and contribution of country artists to world music. These awards not only honor individual talents, but also solidify the country genre as a significant force in the global music arena. This international recognition is a validation of country music's lasting impact and its ability to transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries.

As country music continues to shine on national and international stages, its influence and reach will only grow. Festivals and awards not only celebrate the country music past and present, but also signal a vibrant future full of promise for the genre. With its unique ability to touch hearts and unite people, country music continues to be a precious jewel in the treasury of Brazilian musical culture and a proud ambassador of the country to the world.

Feminejo: Women in Country Music
Feminejo: Women in Country Music